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Good Argumentative Research Paper Topics For College

A good research paper topic will win the attention of your reader and generate the curiosity needed to read through to the end. But what makes a good topic?

  • Freshness- it must appeal to the reader by offering something new for the mind. This means that you must avoid ideas and subjects that other writers have tackled in the past. In case you are interested in such a topic, provide a new twist that makes it interesting to read.
  • Relevance- your topic must be related to your area of study. It must also capture items that are to be studied in your grade and course. Further, ensure that it captures issues that are of concern to the society. Relevance also means that it adds value to your academic discipline.
  • Strong- choose a topic that is bold and addresses real issues in your discipline or subject. The strength of a topic is not necessarily in its subject but the perspective adopted and the words chosen.
  • Specific- identify an issue and address it comprehensively in your paper. A reader should identify the issues being discussed with utmost certainty. Avoid ambiguous titles or topics that are too narrow that you risk lacking materials to complete the paper.

An argumentative research paper tests your ability to take a stand and defend it through strong points. The arguments made must also be credible and coherent. Here are some of the most exiting topics to consider for your paper. You can also go to this site for more topics and ideas.

  1. With obvious risks posed by tobacco, it is time to ban the products?
  2. Should governments legalize and regulate prostitution?
  3. It is time to legalize marijuana?
  4. It is time the world did away with nuclear technology.
  5. The right age for girls to access birth control
  6. At 16, a teenage can make a presidential decision
  7. Let a patient die if that is his wish
  8. Internship should be made mandatory for all businesses
  9. Social media is breaching freedom of speech boundaries
  10. Pre-employment drug testing is a violation of personal privacy
  11. Ex-convicts should enjoy equal rights with non-offenders since they have already been punished
  12. College certificates are overrated
  13. Immigrants should enjoy more rights
  14. Presidential candidates should be funded by the state
  15. Celebrity lifestyles are responsible for hopelessness among the youth.

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