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Composing A Quality Term Paper On Economic Growth: Tips & Tricks

The quality of your term paper on economic growth will be known by its structure and composition. A good paper will not only get you excellent grades but also boost your overall performance which enhances your career prospects. How then do you come up with a quality paper?

Pay Attention to the Title

Your title will either ignite curiosity in a reader or put him off. Ensure that the title you choose is interesting and exciting enough to capture the attention of your teacher or reader. Avoid common economic growth topics since they are on the minds of everyone and are therefore boring to read. Choose the best words to frame your title such that it arouses curiosity in the reader.

Concentrate on the Introduction

A strong introduction raises the quality of your term paper on economic growth. Consider the following points in order to make your introduction strong.

  • A catchy opening sentence- the first sentence must capture the attention of your reader and create an impression. It should be clear and if possible contain a surprising fact that will make the reader more curious or startled.
  • Strong thesis statement- this is the statement that will define your aim of writing the term paper on economic growth. Make the statement unique and avoid common phrases that are widely used. It should be factual and in line with your topic.
  • Provide background information- this is information that will introduce the topic to the reader. Do not make assumptions that everyone understands economic growth. Provide information that will familiarize the reader with the topic you are about to explore.
  • Smooth transition- create a smooth link or transition between the introduction and the body of your paper. The last sentence should provide a reason for your reader to continue with the paper.

Extensive Research

An excellent term paper on economic growth will heavily rely on fresh facts. These facts can only be identified through extensive reading. You have a chance to understand what other writers say and avoid the common arguments. Read books, journals, news items, the internet, listen to conferences, and other forums that provide fresh ideas in economics. They will help you produce an A+ term paper on economic growth.

The Conclusion

The conclusion you make for your term paper on economic growth must be resounding. It must be strong and memorable such that it leaves a lasting impression in the mind of the reader. Finally, edit and proofread your work before submission.


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