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A List Of 11th Grade Research Paper Topics You Can Discuss

It might come in handy for you if you have to choose an original and unique topic for your paper. You may not find a potential niche to address or enough data to support the stance you have developed for your assignment. It is critical to choose the title of your assignment carefully because it will act as a foundation for your paper. Your teacher expects you to come up with a winning topic about a subject area that has not been discussed before. When you are in 11th grade, it would be essential for you to put some fresh ideas together and brainstorm to select an engaging topic. An engaging topic is the one that can create interest of your audience and hook them to know more about the rest of your paper

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If you are not sure what should a good topic for a research paper look like, you should consider the following ideas

Research paper topics to consider for 11th grade

  1. Serial killers- is it by nature or nurture
  2. The impact of divorce on the professional and work life of partners
  3. Separated parents and the struggles they face with kids
  4. How to eradicate bullying and harassment from educational and professional institutes
  5. An evaluative study about the book confessions of an economic hit man
  6. How does digital and electronic media promote violence and unethical activities
  7. Have holidays lost their essence and meaning
  8. How and where did terrorism become so powerful
  9. What are the core duties of anti-terrorism squads
  10. The impact of smartphones on the landline companies
  11. Innovation in technology has led to unbelievable advancements
  12. Spiritualism is much needed on a personal level for all individuals
  13. Oil cartels and do they have a monopoly
  14. The relationship problems with veterans and people with far off duties
  15. Is science supporting religion
  16. Scaring children in young age impacts their confidence

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