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List Of 10 Research Paper Topics About High School Students

When you are in high school, your teachers would always ask you to write different types of academic papers. From research paper to essays, there are numerous topics to write about. For your next academic paper, your teacher wants the class to write on topics about high school students. This is a good thing for most of you because there are certain issues which students need addressed and writing about students is a good opportunity to make your views known. If you are yet to pick a topic for your paper, here is a list of 10 topics you can write about high school students. They are as follows:

  • School environments do impact on students’ intelligence in class
  • Physical education should be made compulsory for high school students
  • Students’ grade level should determine if they have a place in the school’s sports team or not
  • Should students look up to certain sports athletes as role models?
  • Should high school athletes be subjected to mandatory drug testing?
  • Spectator sporting activities – Are they receiving more emphasis than necessary among students?
  • Should there be a mandatory provision of technology devices for students in high school?
  • Use of desktop computers at school – Are they outdated?
  • Adding filters to internet usage at school – Is it for the students’ benefit?
  • Should students’ mobile devices be switched on while in class?

These are some of the topics that would make excellent titles for your research about high school students. In certain areas or locations, it is disheartening to observe that the learning environment is not conducive and as such could have a negative impact on the students’ learning capabilities. Whether you choose to write about this or about any other topic in the list above, it is important that you carry out adequate researches before you start writing your paper. The major reason behind this is to enable you gather enough reliable data.

You should also start writing your research paper on time. This way, you will have enough time to write the first draft, let it rest for a few days, revise, proofread and finally submit to your teacher. Make sure that all the sources used in writing your academic paper are all acknowledged on the reference page. Most importantly, let your paper’s opening be very interesting so that you can get your readers hooked.


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