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Helpful Advice On How To Get A Good Template For An APA Research Paper

The APA is one of the most widely used writing styles. A good template for an APA research paper should include specific fonts, margins, headers, the first page and the bibliography. With an ideal APA template, you can be able to insert your own text to create an appropriately formatted research paper. This article will provide you with important advice on how to accomplish this.

The margins

Formally, it was required that all margins should be one and half inch. Nevertheless, this formatting system has greatly advanced. The current dimensions for all the four sides of the paper should be one inch margins.

Font size and the font type

As a writer, you should employ a font that is clear and easy to read. In order to craft an outstanding APA template, one should be able to apply 12 points font size. The ideal font type remains to be the New Times Roman.


It is a requirement that all essay writers who employ the APA format should double space the words on a standardized paper. This includes the footnotes, appendices, tables and figures. For the case of punctuations, space once after commas, colons and semi-colons within sentences. Nonetheless, for punctuations that end the sentence, use a double space.

Text alignment and indentation

Your research paper should adopt left alignment. On the other hand, the right margin should remain uneven.

Page header and the short title

All APA research papers are identified by inclusion of a running head aligned flush left on top of each page of the entire document. On the other hand, short titles are two to three word derivative of the title of your research paper. Unlike their former counterparts, these are aligned on the right. The title page for your paper should contain the title, the name of the author, co-authors and the institution.

Use an active voice

Formally, use of impersonal forms such as “I” and “we” was an elementary requirement in an APA research paper. This has changed with time and now it requires one to employ an active voice such as “our.”

The body

The body of the text should get down on a new page, that is, the third page. All the paragraphs should be indented 5 to 7 spaces from the left. If a word does not fit at the left margin of the sentence, do not use a hyphen but instead write it on a new line.


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