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Top 18 Argument Research Essay Topics You Can Handle

Argumentative essays are fun to read or listen to and similarly enjoyable to write. The trick is to choose a topic in which the writer or student is well versed, very comfortable in talking about. Here are top 18 ideas for argumentative essays:

  1. Does technology connect or distract? A pertinent question today, there are many arguments in favour and in defence of each side.
  2. Are privacy settings on social media a parody? A media which is meant to be social, where information is going to be viral can rarely grant privacy. What are the privacy settings for then?
  3. Are online reviews worth consideration? The online world is the only one where you can interact with a complete stranger, from a different country, about the same product or service and get their opinion. However, the question is how much to trust what they publish.
  4. Can cell phones be used for education or anything other than entertainment? The extent to which the mobile phone is being used does not surprise us anymore if it is used for something mundane.
  5. Can online learning replace classroom learning? Are they complimentary or competitors?
  6. Is television dominant than ever or obsolete? Is the digital revolution connecting people more to their TV sets or are they watching TV less these days?
  7. Should children read bestsellers or classics? Know what has been there for ages or feel the current pulse?
  8. Are extracurricular activities burdens or relief for children? Studies plus extracurricular activities and classes – do they make our children tired and exhausted?
  9. Is art needed in our lives? Is art a mere fancy vase to look at or something to imbibe from daily?
  10. Do we stereotype girls and boys from childhood? The roots of gender roles lie in childhood. Why do we do this and what happens as a result is what needs to be studied.
  11. Does everything actually happen for a reason? Is reason over rated or is there a scientific basis behind everything.
  12. What would you do if you work environment is not as you desired? Is changing jobs the right answer or containing tactfully better?
  13. Do you believe that life exists beyond earth? Though the actual answer is difficult to figure out, this topic is always fun to discuss.
  14. Is politics only meant for the corrupt? Anyone who enters becomes corrupt or so it seems. Is there no place for the good men?
  15. Does freelancing actually keep you free? Are freelancers plan their own schedule or are they tied up with excess work?
  16. Does your college or school matter in your career? Some say no, some vehemently agree – the question is how much does the name matter.
  17. Is it essential for women to give in for a love relationship to last? Have we trained our women to become submissive and save the relation always?
  18. When is the use of military force essential or acceptable? War or peace – when is it okay that a military man takes out his rifle and shoots. Who is the enemy?

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