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Interesting Research Paper Topics On Geography For Middle School Students

For students interested in geography, middle school is really the time to build on those interests. Therefore, a research paper on geography in middle school should include a practical aspect as well, just to stimulate the child’s thinking tank. Both parents and teachers should keep this in mind. However, choosing a topic interesting and easy enough can be tough. Therefore, here are some ideas to get the ball rolling.

Interesting research paper topics on geography for middle school students

  1. Studying a species (animal, bird, reptile and so on) and its occurrence in the local area.
  2. What people often do not realize is that geography is much more than studying the basics of the universe or the types of plantations on the earth. The subject widely includes all flora and fauna that occur in and are a part of a place’s ecosystem. Thus, studying one of those parts -- be it an animal, a plant or a bird -- and investigating its behavior in different environments can be an interesting topic for children.

  3. Changes in land, soil, air and other natural resources in the local community.
  4. Not only will topics like these engage the child intellectually and inquisitively, but also make him or her aware of the present environmental conditions of his immediate community. For example:

    • How has the land texture changed in the local area in the past few years?
    • What have been the causes?
    • If pollution, then what kind?
    • What are the main sources of pollution that are responsible for this environmental harm?
    • What can we, as citizens, do to minimize the damage?

    Finding the answers to these questions will challenge the child, and make him or her environment conscious.

  5. Studying one’s country.
  6. This topic may be a little too broad for just one student to cover. Therefore, a team of students can be created to work on different geographical aspects of their country. Students can also be tasked with making models detailing the topography, demography and other geographical elements of their country.

  7. Understanding other cultures.
  8. As far as team efforts go, this may be fun. Groups of students can be created and tasked with studying different countries. The project can culminate with a final paper or a model or presentation. Each group can detail what they learned about the country assigned to them. Tentative topics can include crops, import and export, rain patterns, forests and so on.


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