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Writing Solutions: A Research Paper Template For Elementary Students

The great thing about educational materials for elementary aged students is that you can use a lot of visual cues. Reports often include power point slide presentations, lots of visuals and oral reports. A research paper template for them to follow is a great learning aid, especially considering this is probably their first such paper.

At this age, students would mainly be required to place their name and room number or teacher at the top of their paper, the title of the project follows, with the actual paper written next. The types of media they will be expected to use will be outlined by the teacher, but may include pictures, video, print and slides.

Items that may be included in the template

How do you determine the research question? You have to pretend you are some type of investigator. You are looking for problems, issues or questions that can’t be obviously answered. You use your own thinking skills to find this question. You may want to read through some newspapers, magazines and library materials to find the original ideas from. Once you find one you like, you narrow it down further until it’s a nice tight topic question.

Make a list of what you already know about the problem or question. Next, make a list of questions – things you don’t know or need to learn more about. Near the end of your paper, you may choose to discuss what you’ve learned.

Where do you locate information? Not everything can be found online. Try a large library full of current and archived information. You would be surprised at the gems you can find doing it this way. While there’s a lot of very useful information available on the internet, you sometimes have to steer clear unless you’re sure it’s from a solidly verifiable source. You can also ask people and look around in your community.

List a few keywords that may help you in your search for sources and information. Make a list of the sources you find with this and the other methods. Start a citation table or bibliography for all the sources you are using in your paper. The research paper template should give you guidelines on how the references should be formatted and properly set up.

Make an outline that uses all the main ideas you’ve gathered so far. The template may give you further details on how to construct the outline.


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