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How To Come Up With A Winning Research Paper Topic On Global Warming

Global warming is a current phenomenon which is currently affecting the world. Global warming includes study into news and related research. This has resulted in a very high number of topics which contain information which has unsolved issues. The most appropriate strategy students can use is by pinning down a particular issue and attempting to answer some of the questions which have not yet been tackled. The following are some of these areas which you can consider and prove very helpful

Human consideration

Various studies have suggested that human activities are the main cause of global warming on the earth. There is no single human activity which is attributed to being the main cause of global warming. This means that there are a number of topics one can address on this area. This can include: Humans have increased extra pressure on the environment by resource consumption, population growth and resource disposal. All your topics of consideration should basically help in better understanding of global warming.

Scientific Conflict

Many of the considerations on issues relating to global warming are focusing on which areas should bear the blame for the increasing global warming. A common question is whether global warming is a natural process or human beings are the main causes of global warming. All scientists have managed to agree on the increasing global warming phenomenon, but have failed to agree on the root causes. One can decide to investigate a certain aspect of this and come with a suitable research paper. Some of the contradictory ideas can include, while carbon dioxide is seeming to have an overall warming effect on the globe only about three to five percent of carbon comes from humans. You can also decide to carry out a research based on the role of carbon dioxide in the global warming.


Lots of studies on global warming are concentrating on consequences, but this is not an indication that sufficient outcomes are known. This makes this aspect very interesting to write about. The consequences are always far reaching. Some of the areas where most researchers are concentrating on include: environmental impacts, economical, psychological and even political. If one can find a topic concerning a question of how global warming affects the impact topic, this is a very unique statement which is very fascinating to study


Despite the various causes of global warming, the overall underlying factor is that human beings should apply any necessary measures to solve this concept. Lots of government and scientific organizations are offering intervention to this. You can design a research paper by evaluating proposed solution to this problem. The paper can mention pros and also cons of different methods

Use of the above category will definitely make it simple for you to choose an appropriate topic.


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