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Tips To Help You Find A 2nd Grade Research Paper Template

Students as young as second grade are starting to be expected to write research papers. For any student, but especially for students of that age, having a template can be very helpful in learning how to write papers. Templates can teach students how to structure papers, how to organize them, how to format them, and how to tie together the different sections.

Follow these simple tips to help you find a second grade research paper template:

  • Ask your teacher
  • The easiest way to find a template or example for any paper is to ask your teacher for one. They will be able to provide one that closely matches the assignment, and they will be sure to give you one that meets their expectations and rules. Many students are nervous about asking their teachers for templates because they assume the teacher will think that they are trying to cheat or take short cuts. But in reality, if you explain to your teacher that you are unsure about how the paper should be structured or organized, and you feel a template would help you, they will most likely be willing to provide you with one and will be impressed that you asked in the first place.

  • Ask your librarian
  • If you don’t want to go to your teacher for a template, try asking your librarian. They are excellent at research and finding resources, and can be a great help to you at any step in finding sources for your paper or writing it.

  • Search Online
  • There are hundreds of resources online which can help you to find a template for your paper. The easiest way to access them is to do a simple online search. Once you have a list of search results, try to use ones that end in .edu, as they are from reputable educational institutions and are likely more interested in teaching you how to write a paper well than to make money and get you to sign up for a service. With your online search, try to find something as close to your assignment and that matches the grade and subject of the class.

  • Look at writing contests
  • Thousands of writing contests are held around the country for elementary schools every year, and most of them post at least the winning papers online. Try looking for writing contests that focus on the kind of paper you are writing, and use the winners as templates.


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