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Where Can I Find An MLA Research Paper Example With Footnotes?

MLA (Modern Language Association) style is commonly used to format research papers in the humanities. Whether your project is in literary criticism, cultural studies, or philosophy, it should be properly formatted. If you fail to do so, you won’t get a high grade for your work. Since it’s difficult to remember all the nuances of MLA formatting, you may refer to a proper example in the necessary style. Namely, you’ll learn how to correctly arrange footnotes in your paper.

Things to Know Before You Start Searching for a Research Paper Sample

If you borrow, paraphrase, or summarize any words or materials by other scholars, you should give credit to the sources where the information is taken from. In MLA papers, it’s usually done by means of footnotes and endnotes. Both of these citation formats help readers find the exact pages of the works in the references section. While endnotes are placed on a separate page, footnotes can be found at the foot of the page containing direct quotations. Therefore, if you doubt the quality of an available MLA-formatted paper sample, look through the text to see if it contains footnotes.

Where to Search for MLA Research Paper Examples with Footnotes

  • Library.
  • Visit the college library to get a proper sample. Lots of the library resources contain the necessary materials, and you just need to have a library card to benefit from this abundance. Explain to a reference librarian that you need an MLA formatted paper with footnotes and you’ll be prompted where to search. As a rule, good samples of MLA writing can be found in scholarly journals that publish articles in the humanities. It’s likely that academic works by previous students are stored in the college library as well.

  • College.
  • Check if the examples of MLA papers are available on the college website. If they are, use them with no doubts since footnotes will be organized there properly. A writing lab in your institution should keep proper samples of academic papers in different styles as well, so don’t be shy to check this resource. Ask around among senior students. Undoubtedly, they have dealt with the same assignment before and they may agree to share their copies with you.

  • The Internet.
  • Enter “MLA research paper example with footnotes” in your favorite search engine and check the results. You’ll be directed to the sites of professional writing agencies, online writing labs, and online databases. While the first two options usually contain high-quality materials, you should avoid using online databases since they often keep the samples with mistakes.


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