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Structuring A Science Research Paper Table Of Contents

The table of contents is an important part of your work. This does not only apply to a science research paper, but it also works for all the other papers that you will get to write in the course of your studies. It provides an easy view into your paper for anyone who is reading through it. As long as it is properly indexed, someone who is going through the table of contents for your scientific research paper will easily get to the point.

Now only does this section make it easier for someone to take a brisk view into your work, but it is also supposed to help them get directly to the chapter or subheading that they need. In most cases when you are handing over your paper in any document form other than .pdf, chances are high that you will be awarded or docked marks for either having or not having this section in your work. It is therefore important for you to make sure that you get it. The following are some tips that will help you figure this out with respect to your science research paper:

  • Clickable indices
  • Use different headings
  • Do not forget the page numbers

Clickable indices

When you are preparing your paper, you need to ensure that you have the chapters aligned properly so that when you set them in the table of contents, they can appear in a clickable manner. Those who are using MS Word will know this when you hover over the list of information in that section and get a light blue link highlighted.

The importance for this is so that when someone clicks on any of the information, they should be redirected to the exact page and not have dead links. Whenever you make changes to the paper, ensure that you automatically update the same in the content list.

Use different headings

There are different headings that can be used in this section. You will have H1, H2, H3 tags and so forth. These make it easier for the reader to know whether they are looking at the main heading or subheadings. Ensure that you use appropriate fonts for this part also.

Do not forget the page numbers

Pagination is another area where students slack off when writing their science research papers. It is so simple, yet we tend to ignore it.


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