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Coming Up With Excellent Research Paper Topics For University

One of the most challenging steps when writing a research paper for university can be selecting a topic. Attempting to decide what to write about can be difficult and even frustrating for most students. While your instructor will usually. While your professor will often times give you a general scope that reflects the area of study, you will usually be required to focus your study on a particular aspect of the subject. It is your responsibility to decide on what angle to pursue. Here are some useful tips on coming up with excellent research paper topics for university.


One effective way of coming up with excellent research paper topics for university is by brainstorming. Thinking early about the potential topic you may write about leads to an early start of the project. If you start thinking about potential topics immediately your instructor assigns you the assignment, you will have already started the arduous but rewarding task of organizing and planning. When you make the assignment a priority in your mind, you may start having ideas as the day progresses. Brainstorming can be an effective way for you to get those ideas on paper. Seeing your ideas on paper acts as an impetus for the research and writing process.

Although brainstorming is especially successful when a topic has already been selected, it can also be useful for students who cannot narrow down a topic. it usually involves a timed writing session where you jot down (in bulleted form) any ideas that may cross your mind. After the timed period is over, you can pursue your list for a particular pattern of consistency. In case something seems to stand out in your mind more than others, you may consider this as a suitable topic to pursue.

Use Background Information

Another effective way of coming up with excellent research paper topics for university is looking for background information on the scope or subject of study. Most college libraries have electronic reference collections. You can use such resources to find articles in trusted online encyclopedias. You can also find more background information in magazines, online journals, subject-specific databases, and course material. Try to see how other scholars from various subject fields have previously approached the subject or the ideas you have in mind.

Choose something you are Interested In

As a general rule, there is additional motivation to write an academic paper if there is a genuine interest in the subject or topic. In cases where the task is not restricted, you can relate the topic to aspects that revolve around personal experiences or issues that have a personal relevance. When there is no personal interest in any given topic, there is no motivation to write about the issue.


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