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Vital Advice For Writing A Research Paper About Iran

Iran is often in the news because of its convulsive socio-political situation. In general, Middle Orient is one of the most conflictive zones in Earth nowadays; you should focus your research on this issue. This situation has lasted for decades and does not seem to reach to an end in the near future despite the efforts of other nations in this regard. Unfortunately, millions of people have been affected by war and other conflicts which take place in Iran and its surroundings.

Get updated information on Middle Orient

In the first place, you should check updated data on the political situation of this region. As this is a volatile area, the socio-political arrangement may change to one moment to the other. What's more, some international events may affect Iran's stability from time to time. For instance, NATO and ONU try different strategies to deal with the conflictive situation in Middle Orient which varies from one year to another. You should base your paper on the latest information so as to provide valuable conclusions in your research paper.

The never-ending conflict

Why are people struggling though? A religious difference in the dogma is in the background of this dispute. Islamism, Judaism and Christianism are the most important religions in this part of the world. Despite sharing a common origin, there has been little to none agreement among the devotes of these religions. The Islamic approach to the current religion status of the world has evolved into hostility by some groups which belong to this dogma. As a result, people keep the hostility in Middle Orient and Iran is one of the countries permanently involved in this war-like situation. There is a lot to be considered in your research paper about this current issues.

Religion or fanaticism?

However, not everyone is willing to live in war. In fact, the radical cells are a minority but it seems as if they were most of the population because of the large scale of their actions. When people forget the main premises of their religion and focus only in their differences rather than in their similarities, it is hard to live in peace. Just to make things even worse, fanaticism enhances the negative effects of conflicts in every case scenario. Therefore, in some places, there are fanaticism instead of religion. This is why we do not see an end to this war in the near future. You should focus on and develop some of these ideas in your research.


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