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Effective Research Paper Writing Guidelines For Middle School Students

One assignment that middle school students will have to do is write an effective research paper. It is a paper where you will decide on a research question relating to a topic from the course that you are taking. You will conduct research on this question and then write a paper listing your results. There are some guidelines that will help all middle school students ace this assignment.

  1. General topic
  2. Start by determining a general topic that you have been interested in when you are reading your text book, listening to lectures, and taking notes. You want to research a topic that you find interesting because it will make all of the reading not so much of a task.

  3. Preliminary research
  4. You will then want to start reading about your topic to get an idea of a research question that you may want to find out about your task. You will draw a conclusion using the information that you read and then create a question to answer about that topic.

  5. Narrowed topic
  6. This is where you will start narrowing your topic so that you can create a detailed study on the topic. If the topic is already too narrow that you can’t really find a lot of information on it, you may need to broaden your search instead. If your paper requires that you use ten sources and all you can find anywhere is five, then you need to broaden your study a little.

  7. Outline
  8. The next step will be to start planning out your paper. An outline is such a great way to start to organize your information for your paper. It will also help you develop a thesis which is the answer to your research question and the main point of your paper.

  9. Focus/thesis
  10. Draw a conclusion from your research and answer your research question and this will be the focus of your paper. You can use this as a transition from the introduction to the body and should include the main point and the reasons behind it.

  11. Introduction
  12. The focus of your introduction is to give background information on your topic.

  13. Body
  14. The body should be where you prove your main point or thesis. Each supporting fact should have its own paragraph.

  15. Conclusion
  16. Your conclusion will wrap the paper up and should restate the main point and the supporting reasons.

  17. Edit
  18. Don’t forget to edit your piece as well. It is a great way to ensure that you don’t hand in a paper with errors and lose points.


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