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24 Philosophy Research Paper Topic Ideas You Cannot Miss

As a philosophy student there will come a time when you will be asked to present a good research paper topic to your teachers. Teachers normally go through these and then advise you on whether it is a good idea to use the topic for your research or not. The following are some good ideas that you can think of when the time comes:

  1. Discuss the difference between a non-moral and a moral issue
  2. Explain the role of the conscience in decision making
  3. Discuss why reason and conscience can come into conflict during decision making
  4. Can we use reason alone to determine what to do?
  5. Discuss universal moral principles that apply to all people at all times, citing exceptions to the universal application where necessary
  6. Should morality be solely associated with the divinity of your will?
  7. Happiness can be misconstrued for a lot of things. Explain how moral acting can pass off as happiness
  8. Is it necessary to act morally to benefit the society or because of the common good?
  9. Discuss the difference between intrinsic and instrumental good in the society
  10. Discuss pleasure as an intrinsic good
  11. Fulfilment of desire can be considered an intrinsic good in several ways. Discuss
  12. Discuss the Bentham hedonistic calculus and explain to what extent it is practicable
  13. Explain the concept of beauty as an intrinsic good
  14. How does knowledge pass off as an intrinsic good?
  15. Moral qualities are considered intrinsic. Discuss, citing any exceptions to this
  16. Discuss how happiness can be considered to be an aggregate of individual pleasures culminating into one thing
  17. Pleasure can only be achieved as a side product of an activity. Discuss
  18. Discuss the fallacy of overgeneralization with respect to psychological egoism
  19. All human actions are motivated by ego and the unconscious mind. Discuss
  20. People will always do what their heart desires most. Discuss
  21. Refute the concept of ethical egoism, citing relevant resources
  22. Explain the concept of universal ethical egoism and discuss how it manifests in the society
  23. What is the distinction between a lower pleasure and a higher pleasure?
  24. Based on the Stoics, discuss the distinction between the things that are beyond our control and the things that are within our control. Cite useful examples wherever necessary

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