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A Selection Of Nursing Term Paper Ideas For Freshmen 

Nursing encompasses a wide variety of issues. Broadly speaking, nurses take care of sick and disabled people. They are also educated to prevent individuals, families, or communities from diseases, monitor their states of health, eliminate suffering, and consult on different health care problems. Nursing is not just a profession. It is a vocation that is not destined for everybody.

Lots of great term paper ideas can be created about nursing. You are not even required to be a specialist in medical sciences to explore this subject. Freshmen in the subject can also come up with interesting topics and research projects about this science. Don’t be afraid that your term paper topic will be too simple. It can be simple. However, you should do everything possible to make it unique and original. Choose any specific branch in the field and look for the possible problem areas in it. Or take a different way – look around and pick any medical issue that bothers personally you, your relatives, friends, or neighbors. If you explore this problem now, you will learn how to treat it further.

The following term paper ideas can be successfully researched even by freshmen. They are simple and relevant, and no deep medical knowledge is required. Most of these topic ideas are generic. However, you can narrow them down after doing some further research on the issue and choosing a specific aspect to explore.

  • Treatment of illnesses connected with aging: what is the role of nurses?
  • Handling patients with chronic illnesses: exploring requirements to nurses’ skills and knowledge.
  • Nursing practices in America versus nursing practices in China.
  • Professional career of a nurse: what are the options?
  • Risks at workplace: why are nurses not properly protected?
  • Why do nurses migrate to other countries? – Analyzing the reasons.
  • Nurses versus primary care providers: looking for similarities and differences.
  • Fighting phobias and stress: the role of nurses.
  • Comparing famous nursing schools.
  • Dealing with emergency patients: analyzing nurses’ strategies.
  • Emotional rehabilitation of women: how can nurses help?
  • Alternative therapies versus nursing practices: exploring differences and similarities.
  • Nurses in pediatric care: analyzing requirements to skills and knowledge.
  • Nurses of different generations at one workplace: possible problems and solutions.
  • Male nurses versus female nurses: an investigation into the problem of gender discrimination.
  • Nurse’s work day: analyzing the effectiveness of shifts and offering improvements in the schedule.
  • Exploring patient perception of nurses and their roles in the recovery process.
  • Growing shortage of professional nurses: looking for reasons and offering solutions.

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