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Selecting Winning Research Paper Topics: 15 Unique Ideas

In some English classes, students are given a writing prompt with the topics that they should use. While some teachers will do this, many teachers will leave it up to the student to choose a topic. For a well-written research paper, students need to think of a unique, interesting idea. Research papers can take months to write, so students should choose a topic that they will remain interested in for the upcoming months.

Choosing a Topic

Before picking a topic, students should start by reading through some of the textbooks. They can use the course's materials to look for potential ideas or research. If possible, the student can ask their teacher for ideas or example essays to look at. When students still cannot think of a topic, they can use one of the ideas from the following list. These ideas can be modified or made more specific to suit the student's interests and the length of the research paper.

  1. What impact did William the Conqueror's conquest of England have on the English language? What lasting influence did the French have on English culture?
  2. In European cuisine, chefs tend to use complimentary flavors. Indian cuisine uses contrasting flavor profiles for a richer, more full-bodied taste. What historical influences caused this difference to occur?
  3. Are genetically modified organisms harming the ecological makeup of the environment? Are there health problems associated with these foods?
  4. How is abortion viewed in countries like the United States or China? What impact has the One Child Policy had on China's usage of abortion in family planning?
  5. What are the differences between the governments of the United States and the United Kingdom?
  6. What caused the American Revolution to take place?
  7. Are super foods actually any different than normal foods? What is the best diet for human beings?
  8. Are animals able to feel empathy? What scientific studies support or detract from this idea?
  9. How are scientists able to tell the age of whales that migrate across the oceans?
  10. What impact did small pox have on the colonization of the Americas?
  11. What are the differences between Chinese and Taiwanese culture? Why does China consider Taiwan a province of their county?
  12. What impact do new, non-native species have on the biodiversity of the environment?
  13. How have shipping crates completely revolutionized the shipping industry?
  14. Are whistle blowers like Edward Snowden an influence that supports democracy or do they endanger national security?
  15. Is biofuel a feasible alternative to gasoline? Is it possible to grow enough corn to fuel every vehicle?

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