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Suggestions On How To Pick A Solid Topic For A Term Paper

Picking topics for a term paper is often the most daunting task for a student. Some may be swamped with countless ideas that interest them, yet other students may be stumped for even one topic that piques their interest. Regardless of where you stand on the subject, there are a few guidelines for choosing a solid topic that you can use to your advantage to write a great paper. Following these will help lend clarity to what can be an otherwise overwhelming decision to make.

How to pick a solid topic

  • Choose a topic that interests you – With the wide variety of issues pervasive in the current world climate, plus thousands of years of historical information to choose from; surely it cannot be impossible to find a topic or topics that interest you. Even if it is an unconventional one, it is still better that you are passionate on the subject as that will inevitably lead to a better-written paper.
  • Take into consideration the scope of your topic – A topic that is too broad will likely be subject to a lot of generalization and could easily get boring or monotonous. Conversely, a topic that is too specific will not appeal to a broad enough spectrum of society to make much of a ‘splash’ in any area. You should pick a topic that has a wide enough appeal but has not already been “done to death” by having hundreds of papers written on the same topic in the past.
  • Combine one or two similar topics – Consider the topic and think about its related issues. Can one or two of them be unified and developed into a single topic? This gives you more scope to explore the issue and broader subject matter to write about.
  • Make sure the topic is meeting all the assignment requirements – However brilliant or mundane your topic may be it is of no use to anyone if it does not fit within the requirements of the assignment guidelines for your term paper. If you aren’t sure, it’s better to check with your professor and ask for feedback regarding your chosen subject.

Picking a topic for a term paper is important, and it must be given careful consideration and thought. You are the one who will have the task of writing it, so make sure you have ample drive to get you through it by picking something you feel strongly about. You can’t go wrong with a topic that you are genuinely passionate about.


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