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A List Of Strong Medical Research Paper Topics For High School Students

When you are trying to find a topic for your medical research paper it is important to choose something that you are personally interested in, or even have experienced yourself. Basic mistake that people make is to choose a topic that is to broad, or to choose one that is to specific and hard to find relevant data on. If you start from your own experience or write about something that you taught a lot about, it will be easy for you to find the books that you need in order to finish your paper. It will also be beneficent if you talk to a medical expert, and maybe ask them to point out some good topics that are easy to write about but are at the same time interesting.

  1. Realistic limits of responsibilities when it comes to medical care
  2. Difficulties with making somebody take treatment that will help them, thou it is against their belief
  3. Rare conditions that are a puzzle for medical experts and don’t have a cure yet
  4. List of symptoms that look harmless but can mimic a serious disease
  5. Important things that a medical expert should know about you before he starts treating you
  6. Fear of the medicaments and how to overpass it
  7. Diseases that ended up being only a genetic mutation
  8. History of diseases, and how people in the past treated some illnesses that nowadays are not even considered an illness
  9. Relevant things you should share with your doctor, and information that are private and he doesn’t need to know
  10. Importance of prevention and taking care of our bodies even if we are not sick
  11. Sexism in medicine – do we prefer a male doctor and what are the reasons
  12. How dangerous is to be a medical worker and how to respond to violence
  13. Some basic information you need to know if you want to become a medical worker
  14. Should test for medical staff be harder in order to avoid mistakes
  15. Interesting topics that you would like to ask your doctor

Don’t be afraid to ask your teacher for help, especially if you choose to write about some topics that are difficult and challenging. It is better to ask them for some opinion and tips how to make the most of your essay, then to do it as you please and get a bad grade.


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