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Searching For An Excellent Research Paper Literature Review Template

A literature review is a very important part of many research papers. Although they are not always mandatory, they are always a great way to show off how well you did your research. By providing a quality literature review in your paper, you are proving why the literature and sources you used are worthy of being sources and why they are relevant to your project and thesis. It is just another way to legitimize and prove that your research is accurate and on point.

Also, many readers do not take the time to look up sources, so this gives them a break since you are summarizing exactly what that source has to do with your research. People love it when they have to do less work. With that being said, here are a few important steps to finding a great template for your research paper lit review.

Consult With Your Teacher

Although this may seem obvious, you would be surprised to learn how many people do not bother to ask even their teacher for an example lit review or paper. Some teachers may not be open to this if they feel that you should do your own work in figuring it out, but many will actually be happy to provide an example. Getting an example straight from your teacher is a guaranteed way to know you are giving them exactly what they want. Some teachers are very picky, and this will help you especially in this case since they can specify certain formats and preferences. Do not be afraid to ask- this is what teachers are for!

University Websites

The next stop after considering asking your teacher is to search for templates provided on official university websites. Many universities and colleges provide awesome examples with step-by-step instructions on what the different elements mean and how to format. These are more trustworthy as well because professors have approved them and used by students at another school so there is a very good chance that it is exactly what your teacher wants.

Library Resources

Libraries are totally taken for granted by many people- students and non-students alike. Either log into your university library system or database and search for examples in there or just walk in and ask the librarian. Even if they do not have exactly what you need they will almost always know what direction to point you in to find it.

About Pages

This one is listed last because it should be a last resort. It is good to consult many sources though so check out Wikipedia, About, Yahoo or other smaller sites because they can have really good examples. The only problem with these is that they are not university or professor approved, and you could get something inaccurate so beware!


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