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A List Of Amazingly Good Topics To Write A 10-Page Research Paper On

Research papers make some students panic cdxs and others just breeze through them like just another assignment. 10 page research papers are long papers that just need to be started quickly and also need to have plenty of time to complete the assignment. Here is a list of 12 amazing topics that would be extremely interesting to write for your research paper:

  1. Has anyone ever escaped from Alcatraz?
  2. Can a person survive with no sleep?
  3. Do black holes really exist?
  4. Was there evidence of witches in the Salem witch trials?
  5. Should bulletproof clothing be worn by only law enforcement officials?
  6. Should weapons be allowed to be carried by teachers in schools?
  7. Can lie detector tests be beat?
  8. How much did we know about 9/11 before the attacks?
  9. Are hot dogs safe for us to eat?
  10. Do hybrid cars really save money?
  11. Tornado chasers- can they really help us learn more about them?
  12. Should medical marijuana be legalized?

Here are some topics that can be very interesting and can really go off on some very interesting tangents. If you research properly, there is so many different things you could talk about with each subject.


When you are looking for a thesis statement or a topic, it is best to brainstorm to figure out what to do. The best way to do this is to set the timer for about 2 minutes and then just start writing down things about this topic so you can get a list together. Once you have about 10 or so topics. Once you have these topics, you can eliminate a few that may have a hard time finding a lot to research. Once you have it down to about 5 topics, then you can decide what you think your audience would like the best. Knock off a few more so that you have three left and then choose the one you like the best.

Use one of the above 12 topics listed above and then use the brainstorm technique to decide on the topic of your choice. Using these two techniques can get you to find a great topic that you can create a great research paper. After you have the topic, the rest of the information is easy to do and can be accomplished with following format.


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