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A List Of Intriguing Research Paper Topics In History

History assignments often include composing a research paper. Although the writing process is time-consuming and involves lots of reading, you will learn plenty of material, develop your investigative skills, and improve your writing abilities. To pick an intriguing topic, you should come up with a good historical question to address in your work.

Choosing a Historical Question for Your Research Paper

Like any other discipline, history has its own sorts of questions to answer. Most of them are about changes, causes, effects, and the role of different personalities in historical events. The questions can be very broad or very specific, which does not affect how the topic is important or interesting.

The broad history study areas include major historical eras, important events in particular countries, major wars in the world history, technological revolutions, scientific breakthroughs, and struggles for freedom. Either way, you should keep the instructions of your professor in mind and remember that your topic may change while you are doing your research.

Selecting a Narrow Topic Idea for Your Assignment

If you do not want to write about something in general, you should come up with a narrow idea. Some of the great sample topic questions are provided below:

  1. What was the role of slavery in the development of the Southern States?
  2. What were the effects of the plague spread in Europe in the middle ages?
  3. How did technologies change the lifestyle of people in the Bronze Age?
  4. Why did the American Civil War start?
  5. What were the reasons and consequences of the space race for the U.S.?
  6. What could have been done to prevent the collapse of the Soviet Union?
  7. How did World War II create jobs in Europe?
  8. How were the Native Americans affected by European colonists?
  9. What were the main differences between the economic development in Western Europe and China in the 20th century?
  10. Could the World War II begin sooner?
  11. What were the positive effects of the Great Depression?
  12. Why did Nazi Germany conquer Europe in such a short period of time?
  13. What role did Kofi Annan play in improving peace in the Middle East?
  14. Could the former Republic of Yugoslavia remain a single country?
  15. What were the most important scientific discoveries in the 19th century?

No matter, what topic you will focus your research on, you will have to gather reliable sources and organize your writing in a chronological order.


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