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APA Term Paper Writing Guidelines: 5 Most Important Aspects

If you are given a large paper in a class like science or math, you may be expected to use the APA style. While it is impossible to memorize all aspects about the format, there are 5 important aspects that you can use as guidelines.

APA Term Paper 5 Most Important Guidelines

  1. The Basic Set Ups-the aspects are distinct to this style. Remember the important following:
    • Size 12 Times New Roman or Arial font
    • 1” margin at top, bottom, and both sides
    • Use double space for the entire term paper
    • Left justify with standard five space indention for new paragraphs (first sentences)
  2. Subheadings and Heading Details to Know-the subheadings and headings are arranged in different styles according to the order, for example:
    • Heading One Placement-bold type, lowercase and uppercase both, and centered on the page
    • Heading Two-bold type, lower case and upper case, and all the way (flush) left on the page
    • Heading Three-bold face, lower case only with an end period, indented standard spacing
  3. In-Text Citation Suggestions-these aspects are most important, but it is impossible to give you every scenario for citations. Here is one sample, and then find and bookmark a reference page for other styles. Sample (a book by one author): (Smith, 2010). That is the author and the year of publication in parentheses immediately following whatever source you just used.
  4. Titles and Running Heads-the set ups for the title page is also unique. Remember these items:
    • The title page will e centered and it will contain the piece title, a running head, the author name, and the school or college name
    • The title page will not get a number (right-justified) of the page
    • The running head cannot be more than 50 characters long
    • The running head is left justified
    • The running head does not include your name
    • The running head is a project description
  5. Content –in the content of your APA term paper, you are going to take your ideas and your theory and support it with evidence found by reliable sources. This is important with the APA term paper. The guidelines will indicate to you that you must have interviews, case studies, academic experts, field experts, surveys and such within each idea. Fully and totally support your main ideas. You can conduct the interviews, field studies, and surveys if you wish.

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