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Tips On How To Write A High School Research Paper Outline

Writing teachers spend much time on instructing students on the importance of an outline. There are two standard types that are usually utilized in high school. The sentence style allow for sentences to be in the document. The teacher may place a maximum amount rule. The topic style allows only two sentences; the thesis and any quotes. The rest of the document is phrases. Most teachers who use the topic style let the children use from 3-6 words, and no more.

The perfect outline can cut out hours of writing time. Use our tips when you need to know how to write a high school research paper outline.

Useful and Handy Tips

  • Know what kind your teacher wants, the sentence or topic style
  • Make the thesis statement first
  • Then do our research
  • Have a Roman numeral for each section, if you had thee main points the numbers would look like this:
    • I. Introduction
    • II. Main point one
    • III. Main point two
    • IV. Main point three
    • V. Conclusion

    Under the Roman numerals, you will have headings and sub-headings. The first ones will de designated by capital letters, then numbers, and then small letters. If you have a number 1, you must have a 2. It will be double-spaced. It may look like this

  • II. Cats Habitats
    • A. Dens
      • 1. Forests
      • 2. Jungles
      • 3. Homes
        a. Suburbs
      • b. Apartments
        • B. Hunting Grounds
      • Write out the quotes and then place an in-text citation after the quote, this will save you time later when you are ready to start the writing process
      • Find out if you are going to have to submit the piece with the final paper. Some teachers require all of the pre-writing documents. Make sure you know if this is required, and if it is, you will need to type it up on a document. It will need a heading if it is to be submitted. It consists of your name, teacher name, subject, and date. It looks like this-
        • Joey Brown
        • Mrs. Smith
        • English I
        • 20 October 2105

      When you are assigned a research paper, after you have selected your topic and made your thesis statement, then you will begin to write this very important document. As you work on it, make sure to use our handy and useful tips for guidance.


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