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How To Write The Hypothesis In A Research Paper: 6 Useful Suggestions

Before you start working on any paper, it is always impressionable for you to write a hypothesis to it first. The hypothesis, for those students who are not aware, is an educated guess about something. It is upon the hypothesis that the rest of your paper will be based, so try and ensure that you focus on making sure that you have a very good one in mind before you start working.

The following are some good ideas that you can use to help you deliver one of the most amazing hypotheses ever:

  1. Choose the topic
  2. Find and analyze the literature
  3. Think up some questions
  4. Find clues to the answers to your questions
  5. Consider the variables
  6. Generate a hypothesis

Choose the topic

The first thing that you have to do is to think of a topic, one that you will be able to discuss very easily. Since your hypothesis will be a very good window into the paper, make sure that you choose a topic that you can understand.

Find and analyze the literature

Think of some literature that you can use for your paper. There is so much that you can come up with in this regard. The literature that you select will go so far in helping you work up some good ideas for your paper.

Think up some questions

Before you settle on the perfect educated guess, take some time and think about some really good questions that you can perhaps use for this purpose. Try to come up with as many questions as possible and then from there you can proceed to selecting the best of them all.

Find clues to the answers to your questions

There are different clues that can answer your questions, but not all of these will be the right choice. It is important to ensure that you use only the clues that are really suitable to the angle of your discussion.

Consider the variables

There are always dependent and independent variables in the paper, and these must be visible on your topic. Make sure that you also bring them into perspective when you are writing this statement.

Generate a hypothesis

Finally once you have thought of everything and put things into perspective, you can then proceed to writing a hypothesis that accurately portrays your ideas.


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