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How To Come Up With An Interesting Research Paper Topic On Depression: Useful Hints

If you are to write a research paper upon depression, you need to move gradually and understand your subject by dividing it into steps. Along with each step you will come across different questions and sub questions regarding that section

Understanding depression

The first thing you need to understand is the definition of depression. It is different from feeling disappointed or sad at some point in your life because that is a human attribute. Depression is a mental condition where the victim suffers different symptoms and severe mental illness

You can choose a topic relevant to the definition like

  1. What is clinical depression?
  2. How to tell if someone has depression or sadness

The types of depression

Depression does not have one common type. Different people can have different forms of depression depending upon the events that caused it and the symptoms. The severity level also varies from patient to patient. You can choose topics relevant to the types like

  1. What are the types of depression
  2. What is bipolar disorder
  3. What is social anxiety disorder
  4. Post-traumatic stress disorder in veterans
  5. OCD

The cause of depression

Depression may arise due to a number of environmental and genetic factors. Some individuals are more prone to having depression as compared to others like childhood experiences, genetic, illness or a major accident in life. The risk factors could be a lot in number and you can discuss them in your paper

  1. Is depression genetically transferred
  2. Are females more prone to depression?
  3. War and its effect on mental health

The symptoms of depression

You can also create an effective paper about how to identify depression in an individual. At the basic stage, a person may behave normally except for few temper tantrums or mood swings. However, it is not common for family members to ignore the symptoms when they show up more often. Sometimes the feelings like guilt, regret, or sadness are very much restricted to the patient himself so only he can tell the severity and the existence of these signs. Interesting topics could be

  1. How effective are quizzes to tell if you are depressed
  2. Can children suffer from depression? How
  3. The common signs of depression
  4. Can a patient self-evaluate if he is under depression attack
  5. Is anxiety different from depression

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