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What Are The Requirements For Organizing A Research Paper In The Chicago Format?

When you are asked to use a certain format of a paper such as MLA, APA, or Chicago format, you need to be able to know what you have to do. The Chicago style has very specific rules. Use our guide when you need o know this type of paper.

Rules and Tips to the Style

  • Margins: keep you margins tabbed to 1” to 1.5 “. Do not exceed 1.5”.
  • Fonts; Use a standard very easy to read font such as Arial, Palatino, or Times New Roman.
  • Font: Keep the size of your font at size 12.
  • Spacing: Use a double spaced style and only deviate from this when you are working with titles of tables, captions for figures, and block quotations. All of these three items should be single-spaced.
  • Blocks-use a blocked quotation when the prose used is five or more lines. Make sure you do not place this block in quotations. The standard one space before and after the block should be followed. All blocks will also be given the standard .5” indentations.
  • Bibliographies-should be single-spaced but have an extra line placed between the bolograph entry and the note (if used).
  • Subheadings-subheadings will be used in lengthy pieces. Always put an extra line space prior to and after the subheading. There should be no punctuation, such as a period, after the subheading. Page numbers-the page numbers are with an Arabic number and the start with the first page header.
  • Title page-the title will either be on a different page or on the first written page. The title page will be begin one-third down the page. At this point, you will put the title of the piece. The skip a few lines center your name and your class name.
  • These rules are the basic ones to adhere to. You will also need to use the proper body format, reference set-up, and other similar details. Find a good handbook to keep you straight with these things. You will want to ask the instructor exactly what he or she wants in the piece.
  • You will need to know how to footnote and to end note. There will be different rules depending upon what you are citing such as a book, periodical, or encyclopedia. An in-text citation will have the contributor’s last names, the year of publication, and the page or section number (if available).

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