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How To Create A Great Research Paper Title On Bipolar Disorder: Tips And Examples

Bipolar disorder is an illness associated with the brain and people who suffer from it have issues or problems do with memory lapses and do experience inactivity in a larger part of the brain. Well, this illness affects many across the globe and in most cases; patients of bipolar disorder are born with the disease. To date, bipolar disorder has remained a global health concern. It has occasioned numerous studies and particularly research. In some countries, awareness campaigns on bipolar disorder have been raised. The question is not about how to treat it but how to provide long lasting solution and even prevent its occurrence through comprehensive studies. So, if you were to partake on a research study that focuses on bipolar disorder, how will you go about it? Simply put, how will you come up with a good title for study in this subject? As discussed hereafter, are a few tips and examples that would help you find an ideal way out.

Your title should be measurable

A good research topic should be measurable in terms of solutions it seeks to provide both in the long run and short run. It is imperative to note that a lot has been done in this area but again coming up with a great title is a high possibility. A measureable topic on bipolar disorder should also show how effective in the view of a researcher; it is poised to tackle a problem that has been there for years but in a different way.

Review of literature

There is much to read on out there and particularly on bipolar disorder. Always, duplication of one’s research or coping what is already available in academic circles and claiming ownership for it is outright plagiarism. No one would want to risk going this direction. While plenty of research has been done in this field including what causes bipolar disorder, there are still many gaps in the existing knowledge identifiable only through comprehensive literature review. This way, you will formulate a great title for your study.

Is your title researchable?

Well, there is a tendency to come up with a vague title for research among academicians. Such is a poorly structured title. How you formulate your title can give it this undesirable quality in which case no research method or design would be possible to use. So, always check with your supervisor to ensure what you are studying is researchable.


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