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Best Strategies To Avoid Plagiarism In Your Research Paper

Plagiarism is a grade-killing issue that students would love to avoid at all costs. Unbeknownst to most students, their teachers are on the hunt for any and all signs of it with every paper they assign. Sadly, students do not always know if they are or are not plagiarizing in the first place. Here are some strategies to help you understand how to avoid plagiarizing on your research paper:

  1. Keep flawless records. When you gather information for your research paper, be sure to record every source you use. Too many students forget to record their sources, which is one of the biggest reasons they are accused of plagiarizing. If your sources are online, then always record the URL and the date you accessed it. This way, you can go back to the site and record the rest of the necessary information when you create your bibliography.
  2. Develop a referencing system. You will need to know what information came from what source. The best way to keep track of details like this is to develop a referencing system. One of the best is to number each source, then add the number to the fact that you might include in your paper. If you are using printed sources, it is important that you include the page numbers, so include those the moment you decide a fact might be worthy of being in your paper. Failing to cite sources is another reason that students are accused of plagiarism.
  3. Write your own words. It might be tempting to copy a paper that you find for free online, but this will only get your in trouble. If you have cited your sources and kept excellent records of the sources you used, writing in your own words will help prevent any issues relating to plagiarism. Students think their teachers will not notice, but teachers can usually tell student writing from copied work. It is better to lose points on a few minor mistakes than to earn a zero on a major assignment like a research paper.
  4. Run the paper through a plagiarism app. There are plenty of free apps online and they can help you avoid any problems with plagiarism. If you run a paper through an app, the app will show you any areas that could create problems. All you need to do is fix them and recheck the app until the paper is as unique as it can be. Since there are only so many words and phrases that people use when writing, there will be some places that might show up, but teachers expect this.

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