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Good Term Paper Topics On Evolution: 18 Unique Examples

The study of evolution has never stopped eliciting widespread debate among scholars in the field and students taking World History studies. As a topic within the study of History, you will certainly know this topic very interesting if let yourself get into the heated argument which is always phenomenal with it. Well, what about if you are left to come to up with a topic on the same? Will you depend only on what has been taught in class or a little exploration on the web as and extensive reading will help salvage the situation? History has been part of us from the start and while we always want to take good account of it, evolution which is part of it has always posed great confusion. To the highly religious, there is nothing such as evolution and so, they would rather avoid taking a subject which delves into challenging the origin of humanity. But what about that student of history who must do a topic like this? Do you rely on mere speculations to formulate a good topic or you go searching for great topic wherever it can be found?

Term paper topics must always meet certain set criteria for them to be admitted for writing and so despite the fact there are plenty of them everywhere, in books and on the web, it is important that you know how to identify a good topic. In this article, we therefore list some great topics on evolution worth your consideration.

  • To begin with, you may want to take a topic like; is evolution a plot to deceive natural existence and humanity?
  • Well, a lot has been written on this and so to examine it deeper, a topic like this will be a good platform. Investigating the flaws in Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.
  • Are humans still evolving? A great topic indeed and to mention but the least, this type of evolution topic would take the chronological approach in writing. The truth untold: What have scientist ignored in claiming evolution took place?
  • Lamarck is another evolutionist that history record but his facts have remained disregarded. Well, on this you can also come up with a great topic such as, is Lamarck’s theory of evolution a total fabrication?
  • What makes Darwin’s theory of evolution highly regarded? Another mind boggling topic there to think about

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