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How To Organize A Research Paper Bibliography Page?

The bibliography page is one of the most important aspects of any research paper since it provides readers with the chance to understand where exactly you got all the information from. This not only enables them to dig deeper into your points but adds a certain degree of authenticity to your work. You should always make it a point to include all the sources that have been used in your paper to prevent plagiarism.

Picking the right sources

You should first begin by choosing all the sources that you think will help you write a good paper. You need to remember that your sources will form the backbone of your work and you cannot start writing unless you have them all organised. The majority of media may be used, including websites, journals, books, scientific articles, lecture notes.

Understand your paper better

Make sure you understand what sort of writing style you need to follow in order to improve your paper. The look and structure of the bibliography page is going to differ considerably based on the style guide that is going to be followed. You need to identify and get an idea about the assigned style guide prior to starting the whole process of writing your paper, including the bibliography section.

List all of the important source information for your paper

  • You should make it your responsibility to keep track of all the important sources information.
  • It is common knowledge that every style guide necessitates that you include the names of the authors and the speakers in the bibliography along with titles of articles and publication titles, page numbers, dates and web addresses, wherever you deem suitable. This list is going to be a more or less rough draft of the actual page you will be included in your bibliography.

Organizing the writing

Once you are done writing, you need to format and properly organise the bibliography page. Irrespective of the style of writing you have followed, every source must be listed in alphabetical fashion starting with the first author. This enables readers to easily locate information regarding the source. It is better if you begin to consult your style manual for every reference medium. You need to focus on your style guides since parts of a reference may be required to be italicised and underlined. It is imperative to have items like the author but you can still cite your research sources if you have points unknown of missing.


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