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5 Strategies for Finishing Your Term Paper in Time

Unfortunately, procrastination is an extremely common trait. Although most students want to get their homework completed on time, actually starting it can feel impossible. When it comes to term papers, beginning early is one of the best ways to ensure that the finished essay is well-written and thoroughly researched. To make sure that each paper is completed on time, students should make sure that they use the following five tips.


Although many students drink coffee to stay alert, there is such a thing as being too wound up. If the student is obsessing over deadlines, details and finishing on time, they cannot focus completely on their paper. Rather than worry about the future, students should take a moment or two to just relax. Stop thinking about the stress of the day or the pile of homework and just unwind. A few moments of rejuvenation can go a long way toward helping the student to focus on writing.

Think About the Thesis

The student's grammar and spelling matters, but the thesis will determine the grade they get on the paper. Basically, a thesis statement is one sentence that summarizes the entire argument presented in the student's writing. Once the thesis is presented in the introduction, each paragraph will support and build upon the argument. If the thesis statement is a weak one, the entire document that results will be poorly written. Instead of building a weak argument, students should take some extra time to carefully construct their thesis. They should find a unique point of view that argues a specific point. If the thesis statement does not argue a specific point, then it is not actually a thesis statement.


Before writing the entire paper, students should always create an outline. They should write out a preliminary introduction and a conclusion to their writing. In between, the student will need to list the topic sentence for each paragraph. Beneath the topic sentence, the student may want to list pieces of supporting evidence or research that they plan on using.

Although it initially takes more time, creating an outline will actually save time later on. This piece of the paper is designed to guide the student's writing. By looking at the outline, the student can judge the quality of their argument before they spend hours actually writing it out. In addition, an outline will allow the student to have a guide while they write. Instead of suffering from writer's block, the student can easily look over to see which topic will come next in the document.

Brainstorm for the Opposing Side

Creating a good thesis statement and an argument can be difficult. Students can check the quality of their argument by trying to argue from the other side. By doing this, the student is basically testing the strength of their argument. If there are weak spots in their paper, the student may need to add new paragraphs or find more research that supports their points.

The Art of Writing Is Through Brevity

Many teachers assign a specific word count or page requirement for their class. For these teachers, students may be stuck filling out unnecessary pages to reach the word count. If the teacher offers some flexibility in the length of the paper, the student is in luck. The best writing is always concise and too the point. In addition to building a stronger argument, writing a shorter paper can save the student time.

Finishing an essay on time does not have to be impossible. Through planning and careful work, students can ensure that their document is completed online. Starting with a thesis and creating an outline are just two of the many steps that can ensure a thorough, well-written paper.


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